Policies and Terms

Any person requesting lodging at the Hotel Silberstein must be registered in the special file cards and/or books disposed by the organization for this purpose and must respect, while in the establishment, the principles of good manners, morality and decency.

The inn reserves the right of admission if guests commit immoral acts or scandals, find themselves under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics, or in case their luggage contains animals or is intended for a use different than the one related to the offered services.

The guests shall specify on the check-in card the duration of their stay, and it shall be expressed in number of “stays”, which expire between 9 and 10 am.

It is the guest's obligation to pay daily and in advance for the lodging service or when required by the inn, according to the rates approved by the Ministry of Tourism. If guests vacate the room after the check-out time, they must pay one additional stay. There will be a 10-min tolerance.

The absence of payment shall cause instantaneous termination of the accommodation agreement and the hotelkeeper may use public force to demand and carry out the vacating of the premises; they may also retain the luggage in pledge until payment of the appropriate amount is obtained and enforce it judicially or extrajudicially, or may adjudicate personal effects at two thirds of their value in case it is impossible to sell them.

The organization responds only as a depository of the values, money, jewelry and other goods delivered by the guests to the inn administration. The liability of the organization is excluded when there is damage or loss of personal effects of the guest due to acts of God, force majeure or acts attributable to the guest himself, his companions, visitors, or persons that do not belong the hotel staff.

No user has the right to give lodging to another person or have employees without the consent of the Management and without making the corresponding arrangements for registration and fee.

In case a guest becomes ill, family members must be notified so that they may be transferred from the hotel. If the illness is serious or contagious, the nearest health or hospital authority will be notified and in extreme emergencies, private medical services will be contacted at the expense of the guest or family members.

The guest shall inform the administration of any illness, death, infraction or crime that may occur, and the rights of the establishment and guests to report to the competent authority any illicit act that may occur within the hotel shall remain unaffected.

Objects or valuables forgotten by a guest in any of the facilities of the establishment will remain in the custody of the administration for up to six months, after which they will be disposed of in accordance with the law.

Guests must leave the doors and windows closed, and electricity and water taps turned off when leaving the property, as well as hand in the key to the administration and notify them of their absence when it is more than 27 hours.

The employees of the hotel must respect the privacy of the guest and may only have access to occupied rooms for cleaning purposes and in cases where the safety of the guest is threatened, at the guest's request. Safety measures have been taken at the hotel to prevent fires or accidents.

Guests are forbidden to:

A) Make annoying noises, provoke disturbances, or use or introduce in the hotel: chemical products, drugs, music, animals, or food to be prepared in the rooms, as well as produce any act that disturbs or causes inconveniences to the other guests of the hotel.

B) Use the rooms for acts prohibited by law or holding meetings aimed at disturbing public order or disobeying the laws or regulations in force.

C) Use unreasonably or for other purposes the electrical outlets, water tap, property and objects in the rooms and common areas of the hotel. Art. 16º: Visits, searches, inspections and other procedures that the authorities intend to carry out within the rooms in the performance of their duties, shall be carried out with the strictest adherence to constitutional guarantees.

It constitutes the "Room Reservation" when the organization accepts and confirms a person's request for lodging, which is confirmed with the advance deposit of the requested lodging amount.

When guests violate the provisions of these regulations, the contract shall be rescinded and immediate eviction may be demanded and conducted with the assistance of the authorities, without the guests having the right to reduce their debt, and they or she shall pay the damages caused by their actions.

The relations and cases not foreseen in these regulations shall be dealt with according to the Tourism Law, its regulations and by a currently applicable legislation, as well as according to the custom and use of lodging.

The hotel is not responsible for services hired from third parties, both through the hotel or directly.

Cancellation and prepayment conditions

- The client may cancel the reservation free of charge up to 10 days before the arrival date.

- The clients will have to pay 50% of the total price if they cancel during the 10 days prior to the arrival date.

- The clients will have to pay 50% of the total price in advance after making the reservation.


Hotel Silberstein 2024 / Policies and Terms

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